Sunsetter Awnings

How to remove awnings to keep from catching the sun

NEW YORK (AP) — If you live in New York City, you can buy awners for your backyard.If you live near an interstate highway, you should have a plan.And if you’re a city dweller who lives in New Jersey, New York state and surrounding areas, you probably should have one.These are the best options available…

“The Awning is Dead, The Sunshade is Alive”: How the Sunshades of the Bible Are Dying

In the Book of Isaiah, the sunshades appear on a banner, like the ones that are displayed in the Jewish temple in the Old Testament, and in the Temple in the New Testament, like those of the Temple at Jerusalem.But the sun-shades are dead and will soon be replaced by the shadows of the trees…

How can you protect yourself from UV rays?

The answer is sunshade.But it’s not as simple as just covering your face.“It takes a lot of time and a lot effort,” says Mark O’Brien, director of the Centre for Environment and Society at the University of Exeter.“The best advice I can give is to wear sunscreen as soon as you see a UVB light…

How to Get Rid of Awnings and Sunshades with a Sunscreen Cover

Awning covers can be a nuisance for those who need them, but they can also be a great way to add style and shine to a room.Here’s how to make your own with some creative inspiration.1.Create Your Own Awners

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