‘Beware the blind’ as Alberta’s wildfire deaths soar amid evacuation order

Two men died in the past two weeks in wildfires that blanketed Alberta.A total of six people have died in Alberta since October, the latest data from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency shows.The numbers come as the province faces the potential of a record-breaking wildfire season.Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says more than 3,500 people are…

Published by admin inSeptember 30, 2021

Two men died in the past two weeks in wildfires that blanketed Alberta.

A total of six people have died in Alberta since October, the latest data from the Alberta Emergency Management Agency shows.

The numbers come as the province faces the potential of a record-breaking wildfire season.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley says more than 3,500 people are under evacuation orders in the province.

She says the wildfire season is not over and that there is still a need for people to be prepared.

Alberta’s fire service said the three-week wildfire season began Monday, with at least 25 wildfires burning across Alberta.

“We are not there yet but we are not out of the woods,” said Alberta Fire Service spokeswoman Danielle Meehan.

“It’s not over yet.”

The number of fatalities so far this season is five.

The number is expected to grow as the season progresses.

“There are still lots of fires burning across the province, and there will be more,” said Meehans spokesperson Andrea MacLean.

“If you see one burning, call the fire department and you can get out of there, but if there’s a lot of smoke, you might not be able to get out.”

Firefighters have had to battle blazes in the last couple of weeks, including in the south and north of the province and the far north.

The last major wildfire to burn in Alberta was in 2014.

Meehl said the number of wildfires burning has increased as more people and businesses have closed for the winter.

“So, you’ve got some fires going on, you have some blazes going on in the bush, you see some really dangerous fires, and you’ve had some fires that have burned so quickly in such a short period of time,” said MacLean, adding that Alberta is seeing a number of fires and blazes close.

“The fact that there are so many fires burning in such short time is something that’s concerning to us.”

The Alberta Fire Safety Program said about 200,000 hectares of vegetation was destroyed in the wildfires.

Alberta has been dealing with one of the largest wildfires in the country, but it is still burning a bit shy of the 20,000 hectare mark.

Mebhana said Alberta’s Emergency Management Act requires emergency personnel to be present at all times to respond to and manage the situation.

It also requires that any evacuation orders be issued for areas where there are high-risk conditions such as hot, dry, mountainous terrain.

“That’s the thing that’s not quite right, is that the province’s still allowing the situation to go on and on and get worse,” she said.

The Alberta wildfire season has been a nightmare for many, including the owners of a home on the outskirts of Calgary that was destroyed by the wildfire.

“They just kept it going,” said John McDonough, who owns the home that was completely destroyed.

“You know, there’s lots of things that go on in your home and you’re just looking at it and thinking, ‘Well, that’s probably a good idea to go and see how the neighbours are and see what the neighbours have been doing.'”

McDonaughes wife, Sharon, who is a nurse, is on the front line battling the flames.

“I’ve been fighting it, and it’s been tough, because I have to deal with the stress of just being a firefighter,” she told CBC News.

McDonaugh says he has seen the effects on firefighters, as well as the community.

“When you have the fire coming, you’re dealing with the fire, the noise, the smoke, and I’m just trying to get to the front lines, I think it’s a tough job.”

McDonaghs wife, who also owns a local business, has been in contact with other owners, many of whom are trying to rebuild.

“Hopefully we can keep them afloat, and hopefully we can rebuild them,” she added.

“At the end of the day, the firefighters are the ones that are going to be getting hurt, and the owners are going be losing their homes.”

Alberta has had an average wildfire season of four years, according to the Alberta Fire Services.

It is currently the longest in Alberta’s history.

“Our fire season is long.

We are seeing fires continue to burn, and we’re seeing fires that are very active,” said McDonaghey.

“This is going to affect people’s lives for a long time, and for the rest of their lives, they’re going to have to worry about the safety of their property.”

The Canadian Red Cross is also providing help to the people of Alberta.

The Red Cross will also be providing support to those affected by the wildfires, which are being treated as natural disasters by the Red Cross.

“In many ways, it’s really hard to imagine, as people have lost their homes and their businesses and the lives of people in their homes, that they will be able, with all the resources available to them,

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